Get to Know Our Employer of Record Company

Get to Know Our Employer of Record Company

Who we Are

Signature Back Office Solutions has been providing staffing firms and businesses across America with the tools and resources they need to run efficiently since 2006. We never try to fit a round peg into a square hole – all of our services are tailored to your staffing firm’s specific needs.

Our team is made up of experts with real-world staffing experience to provide the right solutions. We take time to learn about your firm and pay close attention to the finer points of your situation. From basic benefits to a comprehensive range of regulatory and financial services, we’ve got all the back office solutions you need to grow your staffing firm.

What we do

Whether you’re just getting your business up and running, starting a new division, or you’re just ready to outsource your back office tasks, Signature Back Office Solutions can help. We provide back office and employer of record services that are trusted by staffing firms nationwide. In short, we help manage the complexities of a contingent workforce, especially those operating across multiple states. 

As your employer of record company, we allow staffing firms to expand by minimizing their regulatory, legal, insurance, and financial obligations. Your employees will complete their screening, background checks, and onboarding through us. We’ll also provide your employees with competitive benefits, tax forms, and their paychecks. The result is less back office work for you and reliable services for your employees.

Who We Serve

  • Staffing Firms

  • Search & Recruiting Firms

  • Staffing Franchisees
  • Non-Profits
  • Workable Programs


  • Non-Profits
  • IT Solutions
  • Clerical and Administrative
  • Food Service
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Finance, tax & accounting
  • Legal
  • Light Industrial
  • Engineering

What we offer

  • Weekly payroll funding

  • Weekly recruiter commission advance

  • Background check and drug testing

  • Tax document filing and reporting

  • Unemployment Tax

  • Invoicing and collection

More Than the Average
Back Office Service Provider

We’re proud to stand behind the back office services we provide, but we know that just offering great services isn’t enough. Signature Back Office Solutions is committed to client satisfaction at every turn. Our satisfied clients nationwide trust us not only for our exceptional back office services, but also because we’re easy people to deal with (awkward sentence ending). Back office tasks can feel impersonal, but working with us never is (awkward sentence ending). We’re real people who care about the success of your business, the wellbeing of your employees, and – most importantly – you.

Our passion for people doesn’t stop with our clients and their employees. We’re active in our local community, and we contribute to nonprofit organizations both financially and by volunteering our time. To learn more, visit our Community Impact page.

It’s time to take your staffing firm to the next level. Contact Signature Back Office Solutions today to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

Formed in 2006 to create a solution to provide the leverage of scale, expertise and specialization to enable staffing firms to focus on finding and placing talent.

Signature is an innovator in the EOR space, and was the first firm to offer weekly advances of 100% of the staffing firm’s gross profit.

Why Signature?

Our clients chose Signature for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • Expansion of service to multi-state clients immediately

  • Difficulty in funding payroll (no line of credit, client concentration, an attractive alternative to factoring)

  • Add contract staffing to an existing Executive Search firm as a value add for their current clients

  • Accelerate the timeline for a startup staffing company to quickly get off the ground

  • Create focus on finding and placing talent, not back office time consuming tasks

  • Outsource employer obligations (onboarding, insurance, benefits, worker’s comp and/or unemployment claim, etc.)

  • Relieve the burden of state registration, reporting, and compliance

  • Transfer of employment risks

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